Friday, 16 July 2010

One Bryant Park, NYC

Over the last few years it has become increasingly clear that contemporary architecture, like so many other aesthetic practices, is no longer postmodern. Although one could also point towards somewhat more stylistic changes (and we will definitely do so in later posts), the end of the postmodern is most clearly signaled here by the return to commitment. The growing awareness of the need for sustainable design has led to an ethical turn in the attitude towards the built environment. Roof gardens and solar panels are heavily subsidised, carbon neutral buildings and ecologically friendly neighbourhoods are widely commissioned, and, yes, even entirely green cities are being designed from scratch. Necessitated by a competitive market, urged by demanding politicians and inspired by the changing Zeitgeist, architects increasingly envision schemes for a sustainable urban future. The Bank of America Tower (One Bryant Park, NYC) might be considered to be amongst the prime examples of this development. Perhaps its form is not cutting-edge; but the technology certainly is. You'll find a video here.
Image: One Bryant Park. Courtesy World Architecture News

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